25 Days of Christmas

This December, we don't want just talk about Christmas, we want to bring Christmas to our community.

Think about it: Christmas is the celebration of God "incarnating" (putting skin on) his love for us. So what better way to celebrate Christmas than to put our skin on His love?

That's why we're introducing a different kind of "Advent Calendar" -- TerraNova style. 25 days of making God's love famous. 25 different opportunities to love or serve or bless our local community. 25 hands-on ways not just say "Merry Christmas." but to bring it!

So here's how it works: We've got something for each of the 1st 25 days of December (plus a fun BONUS day on the 26th!). Some are led or sponsored by our LIFEgroups. Others are being championed by various ministry leaders at TerraNova. And all of them are wide open to everyone at TerraNova to play!

PLUS: On the 1st two weekends of December, we have some ALL-CHURCH ALL-PLAYS!

The 1st weekend (December 6 & 7) is "Barefoot Weekend." Bring (or better yet, WEAR) new or gently-used shoes to donate.

The 2nd weekend (December 13 & 14) is our canned food drive for South County Outreach. We want to donate 2500 pounds of food this year! We'll be giving away TerraNova recyclable grocery bags for you to fill up, but you can bring it any way you want!

What's next? SIGN UP!