The 60:60 Experiment is an experiment in turning our thoughts toward God once an hour every day for 60 days. It's the basis of The 60:60 Experiment series currently running at TerraNova. It begins by getting something to interrupt us once-an-hour. A watch with an hourly chime. The Soul Revolution App (available for Apple products on the App Store and for Android products on Google Play). Use anything you want. Up the ante by placing reminders like Post-It notes in conspicuous places.

Then, when our thoughts are interrupted, we do 3 basic things: 1) Be aware of God's presence; 2) Turn this moment God-ward (bring him in on whatever you're thinking about or doing at the moment); and 3) As God to guide us into the next moment. Is there anything He wants us to say? Do? Know? Learn? Let the adventure begin!

We've created this BLOG so that we can share our experiences with each other and maybe learn from others how we ourselves might become more connected, more responsive. It's simple. Just click COMMENT below (to the left) to read others' and enter your own!