Men's "Grubby" Registration

Copy of Men's Grubby Retreat Registration


Copy of Men's Grubby Retreat Registration


Come join us September 29 - October 1 as we camp out at Big Bear Lake. This retreat is limited to 60 men who have a spirit of adventure and don’t mine going without a shower for a weekend. Come get grubby with us for the dirt cheap price of $50, which includes 5 meals and all the program fees. All you need to do is buddy up, load up the car, truck or motor home and get on out there!


  • Moto riders, hikers, golfers, mountain bikers, and bowlers (!) ... welcome!
  • Shooters who want to blast away at targets and/or clay pigeons ... welcome!
  • Beach chair book reading rummikub-playing shade dwellers ... welcome!!
  • Those whose idea of roughing it is staying at the Holiday Inn ... COME ANYWAY!


  • The Saturday dinner BBQ feast.
  • A no-holds-barred beanbag toss competition to win fabulous prizes.
  • Lots of wide open spaces for you to do your “Man vs Wild” thing.
  • Authentic pit toilets.
  • Modern conveniences only blocks away if you need a morning Starbucks run orafternoon Big Gulp!
  • Special guest: Chris Marshall. Chris lives in San Clemente with his wife Katie and four kids.  He’s the West Coast director of Kids Around the World.  He used to live in Maui, where he worked for the Ritz Carlton.  Chris will be sharing his passion for God’s word and his desire to live the adventure God has marked out for him.  Plus, Chris has been to North Korea ( twice ).  You will be challenged by Chris’ story and his insights into living a “manly” life of faith!


Only 50 bucks. What? That's nuthin! So what are you waitin' for? Click the button up top and sign-up today!


Got specific questions? Email Lyle here. Or if you want to talk to a human, call 949 458 2424 ext 17.