Incarnate Calendar

At TerraNova Church (Lake Forest / Irvine CA), we are always looking for ways to get our hands dirty with love. We call it "Incarnation," and it's one of our highest values as a community. We want to put skin on Jesus in practical ways, here in our backyard and around the world. Jump in and join us!


incarnate calendar.

At TerraNova, our passion is to make God's love famous, around the world and right here in our own backyard. So we're always up to something, wanting to tangibly express God's love, grace, and provision to people who live around us.

There are a few things we do all the time, like serving at Village of Hope, or assisting single parents through "One Step." In addition to those, we also create an opportunity at least once a month where everyone can pitch in and make love famous. And a few times a year we're sending out teams to places near and far, like Mexico or Indonesia.

Here are our upcoming opportunities. 


  • Village of Hope - Third Saturday of each month