Downloadable TerraNova Message Notes

Here's how to make the most of TerraNova's weekly messages -- downloadable message notes! Suitable for apps and in home use. Join us this weekend at TerraNova [ Lake Forest / Irvine in South Orange County ] on Saturday at 5pm and Sundays at 9:30 and 11am.


Download our message notes from weekend messages; edit and catalog them on your own device. Just click on the highlighted message title to download the text file. To listen to messages, click here.

TerraNovas Freeway Series

March-April 2017

Step 1: Awareness
Step 2: Discovery
Step 3: Ownership
Step 4: Forgiveness
Step 5: Acceptance
Step 6: Mission

Address the Mess series

January-February 2017

Part 1: The Mess in the Mirror
Part 2: Inside Out
Part 3: Move Toward the Mess
Part 4: Messy-er
Part 5: Clean Up Your Own Mess

Keep Hope Alive

November-December 2016

Part 1: How to Hope Again
Part 2: Hope for a Better Story
Part 3: Hope Beyond Politics
Part 4: Hope Worth Sharing
Part 5: Hope for All

Balanced Series

October-November 2016

Part 1: Opening the Books
Part 2: Center of Gravity
Part 3: Back in Black
Part 4: Develop a Plan
Part 5: Want What You Got
Part 6: The Extra

Link to the resources we refer to during the Balanced series here.

TerraNovas Dysfunction Junction Series

August 2016

Part 1: Reflectors
Part 2: Shameless
Part 3: Transformed
Part 4: Gratitude

TerraNova FREE Series


Part 1: It's Worse than You Thought
Part 2: Dead and Alive
Part 3: Staying Dead
Part 4: Don't Even Try
Part 5: Mind and Body

TerraNova - God on Film

June-July 2016

Part 1: Civil War
Part 2: Apocalypse
Part 3: USS Indianapolis
Part 4: Finding Dory
Part 5: BFG: Strong and Courageous


February-March 2016

Part 1: Tough As Nails
Part 2: Fix Your Eyes
Part 3: Compelled
Part 4: Dangerous

Roommates, Bad Dates, Great Mates

January-February 2016

Part 1: Becoming the Right Person
Part 2: Worthy of God's Best
Part 3: Love Breakers
Part 4: Saying versus Sowing

KickStart Series

January 2016

Part 1: First Steps
Part 2: Going Public
Part 3: Find Your People
Part 4: Recommended Daily Allowance

Waiting Room series

December 2015

Part 1: Forgotten
Part 2: In the Meantime
Part 3: Waiting for God Knows What


October-November 2015

Part 1: Epic Beginnings
Part 2: Epic Fail
Part 3: Epic Trust
Part 4: Epic Reveal
Part 5: Epic Pain
Part 6: Epic Grace
Part 7: Epic Mission
Part 8: Epic Finish

climate change series

September-October 2015

Part 1: The Forecast
Part 2: Master Your Mood
Part 3: Believe the Best
Part 4: Read the Room