No TerraNova Gathering this weekend

No TerraNova Gathering this Weekend

This weekend, December 26 & 27, we're giving our staff and volunteers the weekend off, to enjoy Christmas break with their families. We will not be having our regular weekend gatherings. But we invite you to join us on January 2 & 3 as we kick off the new year with a powerful new series!


Kick-Start Your New Year @ TerraNova!

A new year is a perfect time to make some changes. To kick start some new things in your life.

And isn't that exactly what you're hoping to do in 2016?

Maybe there are some changes you want to make to your health and your habits. Or maybe some financial changes. Or you have a relationship or two you'd like to make better in 2016? Maybe you're even hoping to grow spiritually — to take some next steps in your relationship with God?

Why not begin your year doing exactly that?!

We want to invite you to join us in January as we kick start the new year with a brand new and very helpful series: KICKSTART: The Power of a Single Step! Discover how taking certain simple steps in your faith can KICKSTART your personal life and your spiritual growth for the entire year to come!

The series begins January 2 & 3 at TerraNova. And why not bring a few friends with you?