Wheelchairs for Indo


Wheelchairs for Indonesia

Terranova is raising money to send a container of 550 wheelchairs to Indonesia!

Imagine being unable to walk and being in a developing country like Indonesia where there are no ADA standards at all--like you would need those standards anyway because all you can do is crawl along the floor, sidewalk, street, or dirt path.  It would be a life without dignity or hope.

Then imagine a gift that comes your way in the form of a wheelchair, delivered and fitted by a group of people who say that God loves and provides.  Who say that you are a person who matters to God.  And this wheelchair suits your needs because it is durable, easy to repair and made for moving over rough uneven surfaces.  Would an experience like this open a door to your heart as your world now opens up because you have—at last—mobility!

Join us in taking this beyond imagination to reality as we Make God’s Love Famous by providing 550 wheelchairs through Free Wheelchair Mission  that will be distributed by Access Life in Bali, Indonesia.  Each Wheelchair costs only $80 so think and praying about purchasing one or as many as you feel led to do.  Together, we’ll meet the goal of raising  the cost  by November 17.