TerraNova New Mom Mentorship Guide

A Mentor Mom is an experienced mom (note, we did not say a perfect mom) that is further along in raising her own children. She has a desire in her heart to assist fellow women as they enter motherhood for the first time.

She offers nonjudgmental support for a new mom’s emotional and physical well-being.

She acts as an extension of the church to her Mentee Mom, keeping the new mom connected to TerraNova, and her spiritual growth, during this new life stage.  She commits to bringing her Mentee through the first year of Motherhood, with diverse commitment levels at each stage.

A Mentee Mom is a mom who is seeking support from an experienced Mother.

She is open to learning from the bible, and another mother’s wisdom, so that she can become the best version of herself in this new stage of life.

She welcomes the Mentor Mom in to her home and daily life, even when it’s not pretty, so she can receive the emotional and physical care she needs.

She commits to the Mentor/Mentee relationship through the first year of Motherhood.

So what can I expect when participating in a mentor mom relationship?


To participate in this enriching experience, please choose the application below that applies to you!