2010: The Year of Invitation

JOHN: It's not like I feel a strong need to label "years." But last year we had a strong sense that we wanted to pour a ton of thought and energy into what we call "renovation" (our passion to literally be changed and transformed so that our lives look and feel and sound more like Jesus' life). This fall, as we cranked into Soul Revolution and the 60/60 Experiment and the Albertsons Feed-A-Family project, I felt a very strong sense that in 2010 our passion for "Making God's Love Famous" needed to take a personal turn.

Cuz' it's one thing to "make God's love famous" with strangers -- whether those strangers are in Haiti or in my local Albertsons. It's another thing (am I right?) to make God's love famous with people who really know me, and whom I really know.

So in 2010, we're looking to move, as a community, toward being "inviting" people. People who live naturally inviting lives, contagious with love. And people who naturally open our lives and stories and opportunities for people we care about to join us in our journey toward God.