Mug-A-Friend Weekend

JOHN: This week -- actually, for the past few weeks -- I've been reflecting on this story that Jesus tells in Luke 14. A story of a master who so desperately wants a full house for his big party that he orders his servants to go on a full-tilt inviting frenzy. To invite every person they see. To compel and convince them to come to the master's table, the master's feast. Because the master wants his house to be full. And he has a big house.

And then that story is followed up by 3 stories that Jesus tells about "lost things" and the all-out search that happens when somebody loses something they really want (Luke 15). And the direct correllation seems to be that God really wants people. There are people who are "lost" to him -- they're not connecting with him, their not enjoying moment-by-moment connection to the Source of all Life. And God's just not ok with that. That's unacceptable to Him.

This weekend we're kicking off a new series called, "Relational Intelligence." It'll be a great series, packed full of things we could all learn. And it will in particular be a great series to invite a friend to. And we'll be giving away these "Making God's Love Famous" TerraNova mugs. Yep ... we know ... kinda' gimmicky. Already thought of that. Already over it. We don't care. If it's an excuse to bring one more person to God's table, it's worth it, I think. Plus, the mugs are cool.

So ... who are you gonna mug?