As many of you know, one of our staff members, Carolyn ("Carol") Salvador, is in ICU fighting for her life. Here's the (brief) back story. Carol had an artificial heart valve put in when she was 18. On Monday, December 13, that valve abruptly stopped working. She called 911 at was rushed to Mission Hospital where she was stabilized, then transported to Kaiser Sunset in L.A. where she underwent emergency valve replacement surgery. The surgery went roughly. She apparently coded 3 times, once for 10 minutes.

After coming out of surgery, she continued to bleed internally quite a bit. Went through 9 units of blood that night. They took her back into surgery Tuesday morning and got the bleeding to stop, got all of her vitals back in the green ( all through artificial means). However, she was non responsive. She wouldn't wake up or respond to any stimulation. Obviously that had them quite concerned. They took her in for a CAT Scan Wednesday morning, which didn't reveal anything much. Then an EEG Wednesday afternoon.

As of this writing, Carol is still in very critical condition, so please continue to pray for her healing and full recovery. What follows is a series of updates, as well as comments and prayers for Carolyn. Read or skim as you care to, and feel free to add your own thoughts and prayers as well. We will also be using this site to give updates on Carolyn's condition. If you're looking for the very latest, you can simply click "latest comment" in the comments section, and you will be taken to the end of the string.