What attracts you to Terra Nova?

A Monday morning question after a power packed weekend which included the One Step Vision Event, the kick-off of our expanded kid's emphasis on Saturday nite, part 4 of Relational Intellgence, finishing up with a rowdy and noisy pastor's open house at John and Debbie Reed's:  What attracts you to Terra Nova?

That's a question we've been asking often in this new year.  We've been able to use it a bunch as people have walked into our community wanting to check out us out.  Some have come to Terra Nova after meeting us at a local Albertson's back in the holiday season, as we leaned into feeding needy families.  A few have gotten to know us through this website.   Others were invited by a friend at work.  Still others saw  our sign out in front.  Lot's of different factors play into checking out a church like Terra Nova for the first time, but if you come a second time, and continue to come and explore, well...there's probably a reason for that.

So...what's your reason?  What attracts you to Terra Nova?  I'd love to give a few days for you all to post, and then I'll give you what John and I continue to hear as we ask the question...