Once again, the Super Bowl reveals what really matters

LYLE: I was one of the 108.5 million people who watched the Super Bowl last Sunday.  It was the most watched event in the history of television.  And what did we see?  Betty White and Abe Vigoda getting takin' down!  "Casual Friday" taken to the extreme.  Go Daddy.com championing "sex sells" as an advertising theory.   The Who proving that I guess there is a "cap age" where  you shouldn't be allowed to rock. And of course, there was the game, complete with onside kicks and a Peyton "pick."  The 40 or so of us gathered at my house to watch it all unfold were not disappointed.

But for me, the high point of this TV/sports/consummerism/America event was it's bookends.  It began for me with a commercial featuring  Tim Tebow and his mom.  Tim is a Heisman trophy winner, maybe the greatest college player of the modern era, and a serious, serious follower of Jesus.  His mom, we find, is even more courageous than Tim.  The commercial briefly tells her story of her pregnancy:  how she was informed that little Tim had serious problems in her womb, and that bringing this baby to term would be...unwise.  But it seems there was another wisdom (the wisdom that comes from above,  as told in James 3:17) that she was tapping into.  Fast forward, 21 years or so, and see the joy that is captured on both faces;  mother and son, celebrating each other, celebrating victory,  celebrating life.

And then, in the end, the whole experience is concluded with Saints QB Drew Brees,  holding his toddler son (complete with headphones to protect his little ears from the crowd noise) and crying while kissing him on the cheek over and again.  The cameras lock on to this moment, and stay there.  The producer in a production trailer  somewhere outside that staduim allowes us to watch this scene for what seems like...hours.  Perhaps because, when you cut through all the hype and selling and noise and over indulgence that puts the "super" in Super Bowl, our hearts connect with this moment:  father and son celebrating each other, celebrating victory, celebrating life.

Our hearts can lock onto many things during four hours of TV viewing:  funny things and absurd things and raunchy things and inane things.  But then "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable (from Phil 4:5)"  comes rushing in like a mountain stream.  These are the moments we live for, the moments where we connected deeply in relationship with the ones around us, the ones we love.

Do you thirst for moments like these?  In the weeks to come at Terra Nova, we'll continue to explore God's book, the Bible, for Relational Intelligence.  For it's one thing to watch and marvel as we see people caught up in the wholeness of relationships--the power and beauty of it all--but it's another things to experience it for yourself.  And why would God want any less for you?