Baskets Are Better

Easter is coming! Just a couple of weeks away, now. And it's the most exciting, most celebrated day of the year for followers of Christ. Because it's the day that changes everything.

And of course churches throughout our community are celebrating big, as they should. And it's one of the best days in the year to invite a friend to check out God with you, so churches are opening up the invitations wide.

And all around I see bumper stickers. And there's nothing wrong with that! Seriously. More power to the sticker.

But, I just think baskets are better.

Follow me on this: We want as many as our friends as is humanly possible to discover the grace and vitality that comes from a life of constant surrender, connection, and willingness with God. And Easter is a great time to expose a few friends to just that. So somebody came up with this idea -- based on a popular Halloween / neighborhood thing -- to give away baskets. A basket is dropped off at someone's door anonymously, and it's full of goodies, and it brings a little more happiness to their day. And then they're encouraged to do it to somebody else, which brings even more happiness to their day. And with it comes an invitation to join us on Easter.

And maybe it's me -- cuz bumper stickers are fine -- but don't you think that's better? The basket is funner, more personal, and it brings love! It helps make love just a little more famous, don't you agree?

And don't you want to bring a little love and happiness to your neighborhood? Really now. Grab a basket this weekend, fill it with cool goodies, and drop it at a neighbor's door. Let's help some of our friends and neighbors connect with God this Easter.

So ... who you gonna egg?