Happy Earth Day

JOHN:  It's the first responsibility God ever gave humans. He makes a good world, then he creates human beings in his image, places them in this world he made, and told them: "Take care of this."

But a day like today raises a question: Who gets the earth?

It seems like the earth is constantly getting divvied up in front of us. The strong, the aggressive, the smooth-talkers, the elbow-throwers, the take-no-prisoners, grab-everything-you-can-get, do-whatever-it-takes people ... they seem to be who gets the earth. Right?

Who gets the earth?

And when you see the earth getting divvied up, and the slices of the pie seem to be disappearing right in front of you, the tendency it to envy those who take it. And to want to throw a few elbows yourself.

But what if ... Down is the new up?

This weekend, "A Beautiful Life" continues with more "down is up" thinking. We hope you'll join us. And don't forget the NEW TerraNova Saturday Nights, with great kids experiences for 0-8th grade.

See you this Weekend @ TerraNova!

(By the way, today is also Lyle's birthday ... Happy birthday, Lyle!)