TerraNova Turns 3

JOHN: It's a crazy ride, really -- bringing two churches together to form a new church community. It's a story not often repeated. And for good reason: It's hard. It requires love and humility and sacrifice and flexibility and more love ... And here we are, 3 years into it. I think I speak for both Lyle and I (he can weigh in himself) when I say it's been a really good ride. There are so many things I love about who we're becoming. That passion we have to make God's love famous. The way people serve each other and others. The people we're reaching. The way I sense my own life growing in moment-by-moment connection with God.

So what do you love about TerraNova? Whether you've been here for 3 weeks or all 3 years, I'd love to hear your story. Click the "comments" button below and share it!