Hungry and Thirsty

"Stay thirsty, my friends," the guy on that commercial says. I'm feeling hungry and thirsty this week. I'm looking at stuff in my own inner world that I ache to be different than it is. I'm watching relationships -- some that around me, and one or two of my own, and hungry for things to be right. And one of my friend's mom died unexpectedly this week. And I've got other close friends battling really serious stuff in their homes and families. And then I look around the world at some of the horrible evils that have become so commonplace as to not merit mention in the news. There will come a day, the prophets said, when God will restore everything. When he will make everything right, put everything in its right place. Right relationship -- between people and God, between people and each other, between people and creation, between people and our own insides. And that will be the day. Meanwhile, Jesus says, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for things to be right again -- they will be filled." And so I have this hope that as I hunger and thirst, and as I remain in moment-by-moment connectedness and willingness, that God will begin to fill that hunger and thirst with some real live righteousness here and now.

Stay thirsty, my friends.