See People

Question: How do you see people?

We kicked off this Ripple Effect series last wekeend with a central, foundational point. 3 things you need to do if you want to make a SPLASH. And the first is ... SEE PEOPLE. Really see them. Notice people. See them as God sees them. Let your heart be moved and guided toward them.

You know, living where we live, it's really easy to "see people" as being pretty much "together." Well dressed, well made-up, well accessorized. Not loosing it, back up against a wall, at the end of their rope, wondering where in the world God is and why He's doing this to them. Nah ... not my neighbors.

But statistics alone should tell us better. Shouldn't they? I mean, just the stats alone -- without even really paying attention -- should tell us that the percentage of people struggling in their marriages (1 out of 2 end in divorce), struggling financially (unemployment continues to be at an all-time high in the O.C.), anxious about debt (1 out of 2 spends more than they make), fighting terrible addictions (2 out of 5), struggling with shameful, hurtful experiences from their past, hurting over the decisions of their children (just a glance at teen statistics should send red flags for about every other parent of a teen you know), dealing with life-threatening health issues (again, stats on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc), and terribly lonely (studies show that 1 in 3 people admit to frequent periods of intense loneliness) ...

Now look at those people again. The people who live beside you, shop beside you, drive beside you.  Consider for a moment the likelihood of how they're doing.

Scriptures say when Jesus saw the crowds, his heart was moved with compassion because he SAW ... saw that they were like sheep without a shepherd.

So this week, SEE PEOPLE. Let your simple prayer be: "God let me see people how you see them." That's it. And as you drive, or walk into a store, or into the cubical farm at work, or your own home ... wherever there are people, just pray this prayer and ... SEE.

Start there ... we'll see what comes next.