Chapter 2: The Story of Us

Chapter 2 opens in The Garden of Delight (Eden). God has made a beautiful home for His  newly forming "community" to enjoy each other and Him. The man and the woman are "naked and unashamed" — a picture of simplicity, innocence, vulnerability, authenticity.

But then, there's a serpent. It's sudden appearance strikes a foreboding tone. And the serpent begins to call into question the goodness of God's heart. In a world of "yesses," he points out the singular "no," and manipulates the woman into believing that God has held out on them. She bites, and then her husband does as well. And everything changes.

Shame. Alimentation. Blame. Pain. They hide from each other. They hide from God. And God comes seeking and asking.

What they did not, could not have foreseen or understood, though, was that in that moment, everything "fell." Because of it's intrinsically connected nature — because the whole of creation was made to exist in interdependent unbroken unity — when one part of it fell, the whole of it was sent reeling. The relationship between the man and the woman, their relationship with the earth and its creatures, their relationship with God himself — it becomes "cursed."

This is part of our story for which we need no proof. This is the story we wake up in every morning. Famine, disease, genocide, cancer, birth defects, greed, revenge, spite, envy, divorce, war, natural disasters, death … The masterpiece — and true, we can still see signs of that everywhere as well — has been vandalized. At times, almost beyond recognition. It's … heartbreaking.

As Chapter 2 comes to a close with a downward spiral of darkness and pain, as generation after generation of Adam & Eve's children act out every dark and ugly thought and motive that you and I have ever had. We wonder if there's any hope for this beautiful Masterpiece that God created. If He will ever experience the loving community that he intended his creation to live in with him. But God is ever the seeker, ever the rescuer … The rest of the Story is the story of God's relentless pursuit of a fallen, messed up creation. His desire to bring it all back together again.