Great summer reads

The summer of 2010 seems to be moving at warp speed. Before you know it, we'll be hitting labor day weekend, closing out our 10 week teaching series "The Story"  and launching into a great fall season.  But there's still some wonderfully relaxing and valuable days to redeem.  Many of our staff team is 'on location' during the month of August, and maybe you also will get a chance to take time off and get away.  As you do, why not grab a book and throw it in that suitcase with you. The following are some books I'm reading this summer that God is using to speak to me.

THE ONE YEAR BIBLE.  I'm on a reading program taking me throught the entire Bible in a year.  Right now I'm in Jeremiah. It's tough sledding.  We'll actually be covering this period of God's story in the next couple of weeks.  Don't miss it!

THE STARFISH AND THE SPIDER by Rod A Beckstrom.  This is a book about leadership in our wired age.  It emphaszies empowerment, decentralization, and learning together.  Since all of us lead somehow and somewhere, it's valuable to  sharpen those skills. Plus, this book tells you what Al Quaida and Criag's List have in common.

LET MY PEOPLE GO SURFING by Yvon Choinard.  If figures that I have to read a book with "surfing" in the title. Actually, this is the story of Patagonia,  the outdoor clothing company.  If you buy their gear, I bet you are a fan of theirs.  The book speaks a lot about how values shape a culture.  It's fired me up to continue to anchor Terra Nova to the value statements we have.  They are very powerful to me.  Look for Choinard on those American Express ads--he's that old guy climbing rocks and busting dams.

WHEN HELPING HURTS by Brian Fikkert.  Ok, this last one is a great ministry book, which I've asked some of our key incarnation leaders to read together.  it speaks to how we can reach out and help people in ways that point them to the restorative work that God initiates.   You'll be seeing how some of the principles we are discovering in this book will enhance our ability to make God's love famous in South Orange county...and beyond.

Your thots are welcome, as well as your reading list!