September is LIFEgroup Sign-Up Month!

At TerraNova, we have this huge value that everyone who calls TerraNova "home" would find their way into a regular "face-to-face" environment where they're
     · building great friendships,
     · opening up God's Word and applying it to their lives, and
     · praying for and supporting one another through the stuff of life.

Fall LIFEgroups (including our INSPIRE Women's Studies) begin in October and end in early December, so ... it's a short-term commitment! Then, after the holidays, we'll do this all over again, and you'll have another opportunity to rejoin with your same fall group, or try something new!

And we've got groups from adults all the way down to KIDS! Check out the KidsQuest / Breakout table in the lobby this weekend!

Here's what you need to do next: Check out the listing of our groups on the web or in this weekend's "Fall 2010 LIFEgroups Listing" brochure. Then ...
     · Pick a group!
     · Write the group's # on the tear-off Sign-Up Form
     · Leave your basic contact info (name / email / best phone#)
     · And throw it in the offering basket.


Maybe you've never been in a group before in your life. Maybe you're new to this whole spiritual journey. Or maybe you've been in dozens of groups. Either way, this fall is the PERFECT TIME for you -- and your kids! -- to connect with a LIFEgroup here at TerraNova.