Tell Us About Your 60-60 Experience!

The 60-60 Experiment is simple. It's all about staying connected and staying responsive in this moment. Here's how it works:

(1) Get something to beep, chime, vibrate, ring or otherwise interrupt you at least once every 60 minutes for the next 60 days. Stick post-it notes or reminders in places. Prompt your awareness to turn toward God.

(2) When you're interrupted:

• Acknowledge that God is right here and tell Him you want to be connected to him like a branch to the vine right now, in this moment, whatever you're doing.

• Turn whatever you're doing God-ward. Just talk to Him about whatever you're doing, whatever you're feeling. Ask Him to bless the person you're with right now ... whatever it is.

• Ask Him to lead you into the next moment. Is there anything He wants you to be doing, saying, learning; any person he wants you to maybe engage or help out.

• Listen, look around, and if something comes to you -- DO it! (I know, crazy, huh?) See what happens!

3) Tell us how it's going. We want to hear all about your 60-60 experience -- the good, the bad, the lame. Hit "Comment" right now and pass it on!