The 60-60 Experiment (Again)

A couple of years ago, TerraNova did a series called Soul Revolution, based on the book by John Burke. At the heart of that series was an "experiment" in moment-by-moment connectedness and responsiveness to God, called "The 60-60 Experiment." A couple hundred of us did it, and it was ... revolutionary. Probably the single most impactful thing I've done in my spiritual journey. This idea of connecting over and over again with God throughout the day, expressing my desire to be connected to him like a branch to a vine, simply asking if there's anything he wants done / said / learned / etc in this moment, and then ... watching, listening ... and responding.

This year I had been planning a series for the fall on the Fruit of the Spirit. The passage from Galatians 5 that describes this "fruit" is such a foundational place to turn to reflect on the kind of people God wants to shape us to become. And as I read and meditated on that passage through the spring and summer I really kept landing on that simple phrase that starts the whole ball rolling: "Walk by (or even "in") the Spirit." This is where character and growth and ethics and transformation always begins for Paul. Do that, he says, and fruit happens.

And that's when we decided to bring the 60-60 Experiment back. To make this posture of "walking by the Spirit,"" staying connected to the vine," living in moment-by-moment connectedness and responsiveness to God the beginning point for our discussion of what God wants to do in our lives as that happens. So we hope you'll join us for this series, and especially join us for this experiment.