That's Not Your Money!

This past weekend we kicked off a new series with one of the most important principles in life. The Ownership Principle. Simply put: Everything belongs to God. Everything. I'm never the owner. It's never "mine." My life, my body, my relationships, my gifts and talents, and my money and my stuff. None of it's mine. It all belongs to God, it all comes from God, and in the end it all returns to God.

So my role, when it comes to "my" kids or "my" day or "my" money is always "steward" (not "owner".) A steward is someone who manages someone else's stuff. That's me. Cuz it's not mine.

Then we ended with a little exercise. Everybody got some money (that's not their money) and a card. The challenge: Do something with this money to make God's love famous somewhere, somehow, in the world! Tall order, right? We're going to need to pray and listen and make step out of our comfort zone somewhere. But you can't just give it someone -- you've gotta figure out some way it can be used to make God's love famous.

So then I thought, let's maybe start a little conversation. What are you thinking about doing with the money? Or have you already done something? Maybe you can pitch in and give us your ideas here, and that might stimulate someone else's thinking. So ... the floor is now open for comments: [Hit comment and let 'er rip!]