What's Your Favorite Memory of Carol?

This past Saturday night, Carol Salvador passed away. After battling for her life for 4 months, having suffered such severe brain damage due to the length of her coding during surgery back in December, she finally went home to be with her God and Savior. This is no doubt a good thing for her, and she is to be envied. But it is a terribly sad thing for us, as Carol brought such love and joy to our family, and she is and will be so sorely missed.

Perhaps my favorite memory of Carol was one of the last ones (before the surgery). The kids were singing in the service for Christmas that weekend. She was squatting down close to me in the front after the kids had made their way onto the stage, and she was watching them, grinning from ear to ear (cuz' you gotta admit ... they're CUTE up there!). When one little girl began to unwravel a bit (she looked pretty terrified and clearly wanted OUTTA there!), Carol smoothly reached up, pulled her down, and held her during the remainder of the show.

She contributed so much to the TerraNova family, and to many of us as individuals. What's one of your favorite memories of Carol? Or perhaps just something you really appreciated about her? Please hit "comments" and share!