The End of the World?

Today is May 21, 2011. And if you've been paying attention to the news, you know there's a pastor who's calculated that today will be the day that Christ returns. The end of history as we know it.

I've got a wedding I'm performing this afternoon. And we've got Saturday night services tonight. We're in week 3 of "Staying In Love," and I'm excited about it. My daughter has her Senior Prom tonight. And my younger two kids are playing in a piano recital this afternoon. Lots of life happening today.

And so I'm working on things today and I began to think about this pastor and his community -- people who truly believe that today is the day that Christ returns -- and I found myself wondering: I wonder what he's doing today? I mean, how do you walk through a day that you're absolutely convinced will be your last? How do you relate and work and eat and laugh and pray when you're certain that you'll be face-to-face with Jesus himself any minute?

And here's the clincher for me -- there's a degree to which we're to live EVERY day like that!

The way that Jesus talked about his return, the way that the first Christians seemed to think about it -- it's like it could happen any minute! Even today, May 21! Or maybe tomorrow ... And so they lived with a kind of urgency and expectation that fueled their spiritual passion (and they changed the world because of it!). And yet, at the same time, the were attuned to the possibility that Christ would not return in their lifetimes. So they prepared for both. They lived with a kind of tension -- it could be today, it could be tomorrow ... or our children's children might live to a ripe old age. So we'd better build for the long haul, and yet live with an eager expectation.

I must admit, I have a hard time swallowing the local preacher's prediction. So I've prepared to speak tonight and tomorrow (hope you'll be there too!), and I'm ready for the wedding, and I'm looking forward to hearing stories from my oldest daughter's prom and my younger two's recital. But ... what if Jesus DID return today?! What if this IS it?! Honestly, I want to live this day with that in my mind -- fully prepared to embrace my Savior and Lord in just a few minutes. Your thoughts?