It sounds good, doesn't it? Like something we should want. Something we should strive to attain.


But what does that even mean?

Our lives are filled with responsibilities, obligations, expectations, demands, desires ... in dozens of different areas of life. Health, love, school, friends, work, home, money, family, God. And sometimes we think, "If I really had it together, all of these areas would be stellar. I'd have 6-pack abs, a great love life, energy and focus, good grades in school. My home would be together; I'd finally fix that cabinet door. My kids will be well-loved, well-guided, well-behaved. My golf handicap would be low. My spiritual life would be alive and meaningful. If I had my act together ... If I could finally get it all balanced."

And many of those desires and expectations are good. Some are even necessary. But often we get the feeling like we're not really fulfilling those responsibilities. Not meeting those expectations. In fact, we're scrambling to meet the most basic demands in each category of life ... and failing at all of them! It's like we're not doing anything well. But you know you're working hard because at the end of every day you're just exhausted.

Is balance even attainable? Or is it a pipe dream? Is there maybe a different way to be looking at this?

I hope you'll join us this September as we start this new 4-part teaching series on one of the most important issues in many of our lives.