New Year, New You

There's something that's great about a new year. It gives us the excuse to do 2 really important things:

(1) Look back, remember and learn.

(2) Look forward, change some stuff, start fresh.

And that's really what all the hubbub's about at New Year's. Well, that and football. Last year's 10 best of this or 10 worst of that (the looking back part), and this year's new goals, new hopes and dreams.

So as you look back on 2011, what did you learn? How did you grow? What did you see God do that you couldn't have done for yourself?

And as you look forward to 2012, what would you love to see happen? How would you like to grow?

I want to invite you to join us this January for a great new series: (RE)NEW. Check out the link to it here.

It's not your normal "Try harder! Double down! Resolve!" kinda' message that you'll hear plenty of in January (especially from your own inner voices). Instead, we're going to look at some really unbelieveable things God has to say about the life He really created for you to have, the life that Jesus died so that you could have, a life that He can give you and create in you. A life that's totally  ... NEW!

See you this weekend at TerraNova.