TerraNova Turns 5

TerraNova turns 5 this month. It was actually on an Easter morning in 2007 that two churches in south OC first came together to form a new community. And it's been a wild ride ever since.

To say that merging two church communities into one is "disruptive" would be an understatement. It was challenging, fun, stressful, exciting, hard work, fulfilling, new, challenging ... did I say that already? I was out of my comfort zone, and so were lots of other people.

But that actually was a significant part of the experience in and of itself, for me. One of the things I was learning was that the thing God calls us to very often pulls us out of our comfort zone. Or to put it more directly -- scares the bejeezuz out of us! (Why do you think it is that so often people in the Bible are told not to be afraid?! Take Joshua, for instance ...)

I once heard someone put it this way: "If the thing that you think God is calling you to doesn't make you feel like you're in over your head, you might be playing it too safe. God rarely calls us to do things that we can easily do without Him." Hmmmm ...

So we jumped into the deep end (or depend). And I'm SOOoooo glad we did. And though those intitially challenging and disrputive days seem so far in the past, and TerraNova has become such an amazing place filled with such wonderful people with such a great passion to make God's love famous, I'm hoping we never lose that adventurous, courageous sense that God calls us into the wild blue with Him, calls us to take risks in order to make Him famous.

Happy birthday TerraNova.