Living Everyday Heroic

This weekend we're wrapping up our series "Everyday Heroic!"

Here's what I'm REALLY HOPING you've gotten out of the series so far ...
(1) You are created and called by God to be a HERO! To be the light of the world, the salt of the earth ... and to step up and STAND OUT. God did not light a fire in you so it would be hidden and subdued. He wants it to shine. He wants YOU to shine. Let your good deeds shine today!

(2) You have SUPER POWER. Rid your life of the words "I can't." Seriously. Replace them with "I don't want to." (That's more honest anyway.) And repeatedly tell yourself, "There is super-abundant power available for me in Christ. I can do all things through the one empowering me."

(3) Heroic action really boils down to (1) seeing clearly; and (2) acting on what I see (rather than hesitating until it becomes a fog).

(4) Everyday God is giving up opportunities to step up and stand out. Moments when he's speaking to us to be heroes. We will either seize those moments, or we'll hesitate and begin to tell ourselves stories that totally rationalize our inaction. Don't deceive yourself! Act on what you see!

BUT ... and this is where we're going this weekend ...

There's a fine line between acting heroic and just being crazy!

So join us this weekend as Everyday Heroic winds down with a fantastic story from the Old Testament that powerfully illustrates this important caveat in our heroic journeys!