Raising a Healthy Family in the Modern World

Times have changed and so have families. Today’s modern family is facing challenges that rarely, if ever, crossed our minds a few years ago. Most families today are long on commitment and short on time. We are being pulled in many directions that make it difficult, if not impossible to connect relationally. Smart phones, mobile technology, work-life balance, relentless hurry and stress seem to be woven into the fabric of our lives. Come be encouraged over the next three weeks (Aug 18/19 thru Sep 1/2) as we look at how to raise a healthy family in a modern world and move from a surviving family to a thriving family.

Topics for the 3 weeks: (1) What Do I Feed My Time-Starved Kids? (2) What Should I Do When My Kids Are Rude? (3) What Do I Need to Know Before Virtual Becomes My Reality?