New Years Resolution #1

Every study I read says that millions of Americans make resolutions every year.

Maybe not outright, written down, tracked and measured resolutions. But resolutions nevertheless. You're probably already doing it in your head. Things you'd like to get better at, be better at. Changes you know you need to make. You're wanting 2012 to NOT look like 2012 in this way or that.

Seems like the beginning of a New Year is perfect for that kind of thinking. That kind of resolving.

And at (or near?) the top of your list might be ways in which you'd like to be stronger spiritually. If it's not … consider moving it up your priorities a bit. Let me explain why:

Your spiritual health is linked directly to your relationship with God -- your Creator, your Heavenly Father. The Giver of your life. And spiritual health is the core (or "center") of all other health. It's what gives life to your emotions, your will, your thoughts, your relationships, your passions and creativity, your physical strength and energy.

Getting your spirit (or "soul") right is the first step in getting everything else right. When that's out of alignment, even the things you do rightly in other areas are somehow … off.

And did I mention that God -- your Creator, your Heavenly Father -- *wants* to have a great relationship with you this year? Every moment of every day of this year? Connected to you, guiding you, empowering you, changing you to become you?

So as you kick off a new year in 2013, I've got a great resolution for you to put at the #1 slot: Grow in your relationship with God.

And that's why I want to invite you -- scratch that, CHALLENGE you! -- to join us this weekend at TerraNova as we kick off a brand new series that will set up our 2013 just right: No One Stands Alone.