Everybody Believes Something

Everybody believes something.

And what we believe determines how we see which determines what we do which determines ... who we become.

Everybody believes something. In fact, we all believe a lot of things. Many of them incomplete, inconsistent, incompatible. Hundreds of ideas, assumptions, conclusions we've drawn. Mental maps we began piecing together as toddlers and have added to throughout our lives, often without even knowing it. And what we believe determines how we see which determines what we do with determines ... you've got the picture.

We all believe something. We live and operate based on faith. And we all have doubts, questions, uncertainties. The things we believe and think and hear begin to clash. We behave inconsistently. We're conflicted. We feel and live with the strain of it all everyday.

So, if we all believe and we all doubt ... what does a healthy, passionate, courageous life of faith look like? How do we embrace this journey of faith, this faith-filled, hope-filled life with God and still be intellectually honest and humble and reasonable?

Sometimes those are presented as mutually-exclusive. You are either intellectually honest and reasonable OR you believe things. And if you have doubts and questions? Well, stuff 'em down. Don't be honest about it. After all, what is faith if it's not "believin' something you know ain't true" (to quote a Mark Twain character)? But is that what a healthy, robust faith is really all about? Is that the journey God invites me into?

This March, leading into Easter, we're going to take a few weeks to talk honestly and humbly about our faith and our doubts and the beliefs that shape our lives. We hope you'll join us.