Flicker Bible Study Cover3.png

"flicker bible study"

by Noel and Denise Enete

  • Tuesday Mornings at TerraNova Church

  • 9-11:15 AM, October 1- December 3

  • Cost: $20

  • Childcare available $45 1st child, $25 2nd child; scholarships available

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Flicker Bible Study: Desire-Powered Inductive Study

At the two extremes, you either sit down to study the Bible because you want to (Desire-led Bible Study) or because you should (Discipline-led Bible Study). Effective Bible study involves both.

Bible study is not just for smart people or for people that were good in school. FLICKER Bible study uses skills that everyone learns as part of their daily life. Once the connection is made, the skills are organized into a few simple steps with examples. The first letter of each step spells FLCR (Facts, Lessons, Challenges, Response) and is pronounced "Flicker."

God has given us a supernatural Desire for Him. If you uncover your "First Love" and lead with it --while-- you are connecting with Bible study skills you will build a rewarding time with God that will stand the test of time.

 Homework is approximately 15 minutes a day/ 4-5X a week.