Five Pathways Taking our Spiritual Lives HNL
This year, we invite you … strike that … we dare you! we challenge you to join us in committing to 5 simple practices that will take your spiritual live to whole new levels in 2011.
>> Read God's Word Every Day
God's Word shapes our lives like no other practice we can engage in. This year, we will commit ourselves to reading God's Word everyday.
    INTENSE TRACK: Read through the entire Bible in 2011
    (click here for a downloadable pdf from One Year Bible)
    RELAXED PACE: Read through the entire NT and portions of the OT
    (click here for a downloadable reading plan)
>> Pray for the World Every Day
Using Operation World's resources, we will pray for the entire world this year.
   Today's Prayer Focus (from Operation World)
   (click here to be taken to OW's website for a prayer focus for the day)
   Receive a daily email of a nation to pray for from Operation World
   (click here to receive a daily email reminder from OW, with a specific nation to pray for)
>> Sacrifice Our Money for a Specific Purpose
For the next year, we will sacrifice to give lavishly to make God's Love known in places in this world that desperately need to see the love of God.
   Join us for the Lavish Love series beginning in February
>> Spend Our Time in Another Context
We invest most of our time "putting skin on Jesus" in our own backyards. But this year, we will find a place that's out of our comfort zone, where God's love is needed, to serve.
   Click here for a list of country specific, global, and driving distance opportunities
>> Commit Our Lives to a Multiplying Community
We are committed to gathering regularly as the broader TerraNova community. And beyond that, we will commit ourselves to a LIFEgroup where we can build relationships, open God's Word and discuss it together, and pray for one another.
   Click here for more about our small groups