Per-spire Study

"Becoming a Woman of STRENGTH"

  • Wednesday Mornings @ TerraNova Church

  • 9-11:15AM, starting February 6th, 2019

  • Cost: $20

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This exciting offering on Wednesday mornings beginning February 6th,  2019 will encourage us to lead a life of balance.  Our morning study meets from 9AM-11:15AM at The Hub. The cost is $20.

Best-selling author Cynthia Heald helps us see that we're empowered with inner strength through God's Spirit and we can do all things through Christ.

With quotes from carefully selected writers, real-life accounts of people who have demonstrated inner strength, this Bible study will encourage you to depend upon the strength of the Holy Spirit to commit, wait, seek, pray, serve, and persevere throughout your life.

 During each 2 hour session we begin with a 50 minute workout together (low impact cardio training, pilates, yoga, bootcamp or anything that gets the group moving!), and end with a group discussion on our study.

Wednesday Mornings: