Nothing says summertime like big blockbuster movies.

Well, ok ... the beach. And ice cold lemonade. BBQs. And ... er ... ok, maybe there are LOTS of things that say summertime.

But we love our summer blockbuster movies, don't we? And let's face it — movies are our generation's way of telling stories and exploring issues and ideas. And that's exactly what we're doing over the next few weeks in a new teaching series called, "God on Film."

This August, we're picking some of this season's big movies, pulling part of the plot or struggles the characters are experiencing -- struggles we can all relate to -- and then diving into the Bible to discover timeless and vital truths to apply to our selves, our relationships with others, and our relationship with God.

Plus all series long, bring friends and they'll get free Regal movie passes, just for being our guest.

TerraNova. Great music. Practical messages from the bible. Fantastic kids classes from infants through 6th grade in all 3 services, junior high during 9:30 & 11am, and high school during the 11am. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are.

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