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TerraNovas NEIGHBOR LOVE Series

If you’ve watched the news lately you know one thing for sure: we live in a messed up world.

Fear feeds anger, which breeds contempt, which erupts in violence.

It’s getting ugly out there, people.

And our natural reaction is to hunker down and bunker up. Avoid eye contact in the driveway. Keep your head down at the mailbox. Hold your friends close and your family closer.

But we can’t help but wonder: what if the thing this world most needs right now is a little neighbor love? You know—some old-fashioned, self-giving, others-focused, Golden-Ruling, Jesus-reflecting neighbor love?

Join us this August at TerraNova (Saturdays @ 5pm, Sundays @ 9:30 and 11am) as we ask what it means to take Jesus at his word and love our neighbors, right here in our neighborhoods and around the world, right now.

NeighborLove: It’s not just a message series. It’s a movement.

Great music. Practical messages from the bible. Fantastic kids classes from infants through 6th grade in all 3 services, junior high during 9:30 & 11am, and high school during the 11am. Everyone's welcome. Come as you are.

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Come as you are ...

You don’t have to dress up. You don’t have to be any particular age. We don’t care who you voted for in the last election. And please don’t feel the need to pretend about anything. TerraNova is a place where God meets people who are far from perfect. That means anyone is welcome no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.