No perfect people.

Despite our best efforts to strive for it, fake it, or believe others have somehow reached it, nobody’s even close to perfect. And that’s ok.

The good news for everyone who’s ever felt judged, excluded, inferior, too broken, too messed up, or too far gone …

The good news for everyone who’s trying to hold it together, fake it till you make it, keep up appearances and keep up with the Joneses …

"Church" is where you belong.

But too often, that statement hasn't really fit. For too many, "Church" has been a place of exclusion, judgment, and hypocrisy. Which is sad, really, and kind of ironic. Because if Jesus was known for anything, it was his scandalous inclusivity. And he made it abundantly clear that the movement marked by his name would be the same. That this thing called "Church" would be a place where nobody’s perfect, everybody’s welcome, it’s never too late, and anything’s possible. 

Join this March for a series that's all about Jesus and his unique and surprising approach to people, religion, and faith.

Great music. Practical messages from the bible. Fantastic kids classes from infants through 6th grade in all 3 services, junior high during 9:30 & 11am, and high school during the 11am. Everyone's welcome. Come as you are.

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