MOLO - Mothers of LIttle Ones

MOLO is TerraNova's group for Mothers of Little Ones (kinder and under). It's a great way for young moms -- single, dating, married -- to connect with others in a similar lifestage, and find support, encouragement, and fresh ideas to help us through this unique and wonderful stage of life. MOLO meets at TerraNova Church / 7 Whatney (Lake Forest / Irvine) every other Thursday night.

Welcome to MOLO - Mothers of Little Ones

TerraNova's MOLO
Mothers Of Little Ones

MOLO is a diverse group of caring moms of little ones (kinder and under) who support, laugh and learn with one another through the joys and challenges of living with little ones.

Come join us this fall to build relationships with other OC moms of little ones as we discuss topics totally relevant to this unique stage of life. You don't have to do this alone!

MOLO Evening Book Club


SMALL GROUPS: To make connections with like-minded moms through thoughtful
          discussions using
CHILDCARE: Loving childcare workers so we can have some special "mom time."

WHEN: Every other Thursday, 6:30-8:15 pm (5 sessions), starting October 5th
WHERE: TerraNova (7 Whatney)
CHILDCARE: $25 for first child, $15 for second

Got any questions? Want more information? Contact Simone here.

MOLO Daytime Play Group


Making connections with like-minded moms through thoughtful discussions on myths moms believe as we play with our children.

WHEN: Every Thursday, 10-11:45 am, starting October 5th
WHERE: Various Orange County parks

Got any questions? Want more information? Contact Holly here.


It's easy! You can sign up and pay now online (just click the "SIGN UP NOW" button to register, and then the "PAY NOW" button to pay for childcare. OR, you can sign up and pay at TerraNova on the weekends.) Note that scholarships are available.

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