May 20, 2017   |   9 - 11:30am

Raising funds. Raising awareness. And packaging 120,000 meals
to send to kids in orphanages in South Africa.

Join us on May 20 at TerraNova as we package 120,000 meals to send to orphanages and hungry families in South Africa.

We have a way of actually getting food directly into the hands (and mouths!) of children through our partnership with Kids Around the World. It's an amazing opportunity. And on May 20, we're inviting children of all ages -- 2 to 82 -- to join us as we package these meals, box them, and put them on pallets to be shipped to South Africa.

How can you get involved?


1) Give. We're raising $30,000 to send 120,000 meals to orphanages in South Africa. Just 25 cents feeds a child. A packet of 6 meals costs a buck-fifty. A box of 216 meals costs $54. Click the "Donate Now!" button and give now or give on the weekends at TerraNova.

2) Share. Ask another family to join you as we serve the poor. Invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors, soccer team . . .  everyone is welcome!

3) Serve. Bring your kids out to 7 Whatney to package meals on May 20, 9-11:30am. Kids of all ages welcome! Sign up here or in the lobby on the weekends at TerraNova.