group life @ terranova

No doubt about it: Spiritual growth -- when it's healthy -- is relational to the core. The way one of our core values puts it:

It is in the context of committed, authentic community -- each person bringing their gifts, abilities, questions, doubts, learnings, insights, resources -- that the Spirit's power to transform lives is dramatically unleashed.

LIFEgroups are all about that. Journeying closer to God in community with others who know you and love you. In these groups, we work through scripture and talk through influential books that will help us become transformed in the ways we most need to be. We pray for each other, encourage one another, care for one another's needs. And we unite with each other to serve and love God's world well.

Our groups have a consistent life cycle. 3 times a year, all of our groups open up and many new groups start fresh (October, February, and June). Commitments to all of our groups are short-term, so it's easy! They meet weekly for 10-12 weeks (summer is 4 weeks!), then wind down. During the next "sign-up month," you can choose to stay in the same group (as it picks up a new study or theme), or try a different group.

We have lots of different kinds of groups. Groups for men or for women, groups for young marrieds and young families and young adults. But a lot of our groups are what we call "mixed." They're for anybody and everybody, and we kinda' like it that way. Many of our groups have 10 to 18 people in them.

But whatever the size or mix, all of our groups boil down to 3 simple things: building friendships, opening God's Word together and discussing it, and praying for and supporting one another through the stuff of life.

Our summer LIFEgroups are open for signups! Most groups begin in June and meet a few times throughout the summer (depending on the group). Click here to find out more or to sign up. Want to interact on what's available and where you might best "fit?" Respond here to Lyle Castellaw, and he'll get back to you ASAP!

Love. Unite. Grow.