John Reed | Lead Pastor

With a focus on teaching and leading, John’s hope has always been that we would create the kind of community where people can come as they are -- no matter what they believe or what they have done -- and begin to connect with God. If he’s not spending quality time with his wife Debbie and their 3 kids, John loves running, reading, and having deep conversations with people about God -- especially with people who are wired a little more skeptically, like him. It’s hard not to see the great things that TerraNova does for others and the community, and John loves that making God’s love famous is something that we thrive on.


Lyle Castellaw | Pastor

Lyle serves in reaching both local and global communities through projects that seek to  make God's love famous, along with giving momentum to both growth and transformation at TerraNova through lifegroups and providing next steps. Getting people out of their comfort zones is one of Lyle’s passions and he makes sure to do the same whether he’s surfing, mountain biking, hiking or just meeting new people. You’re sure to see his wife, Dana and their 3 sons along for the adventure. Their dog Nellie is a crowd favorite, as well.


Christian Steffen | Celebration Arts

Christian is passionate about helping people connect to God and his unending grace for them.  He and the celebration arts team are always looking for fresh and creative ways to help us see God’s truth more clearly.  He and his wife Amy live in Lake Forest and are raising 3 awesome (and sometimes crazy) boys with a love for classic rock and superhero movies.  When Christian isn’t on stage at TerraNova, you can usually find him enjoying some espresso, listening to music (vinyl, anyone?) and planning that next guitar purchase.  He loves that TerraNova is a place where people feel right at home, even on their first visit.


Scott P. Simons | Associate Pastor

Scott works with our Next Gen Ministries and provides coaching and oversight to our ministry leaders. He has spent fifteen years ministering to teens, young adults, and families in Southern California. He and his wife, Lindsay, have two young children, Charlotte and Benjamin. When he's not building blanket forts with the kids or listening to a variety of podcasts, Scott spends his free time micro-managing fantasy basketball teams. He loves that TerraNova is an accessible place for people of different spiritual backgrounds to experience inclusivity, grace, and life-transformation.


Dana Castellaw | Women

Pastor to women, and mentor to many, Dana engages women to connect with God and one another. She hopes to bring women of all ages closer to God through adventure of body, soul and spirit, and find the freedom that Jesus offers through knowing Him. Hiking, wakeboarding, snowboarding and backpacking with anyone and everyone including her husband Lyle and 3 sons might sound exhausting to most, but Dana finds herself energized by the outdoors, and also by watching a little bit of football here and there with the fam (go Broncos).


Ashley Neelands | Community Creation

Ashley spends most of her time connecting with people, creating authentic community via social media and overseeing college students. She’s been in ministry since she was 19 years old, specifically pouring into the youth and serving alongside her husband, Zack. Surfing, camping, drinking dark roasts, and listening to Taylor Swift are a few things you’ll also find her doing. Ashley’s hope is that people don’t just feel connected to our space, but to the other people walking through it. Every story matters, and the more we begin to care for each other, the more Jesus comes out in our every day lives.


Doah Lynd | Junior High

Doah directs the Junior High ministry and has been pouring into 7th & 8th grade students for over 10 years. With several strengths including teaching and mentoring, Doah focuses on instilling healthy identities, specifically in 7th & 8th graders, that are rooted in God, and not cultural perceptions. Weekend gatherings are his favorite and you can usually find him talking movies and music with just about anyone. The Academy Awards are his “superbowl,” and his wife Chrisy and 4 kids will back up his reputation as a movie snob -- in an endearing way of course.


Zack Neelands | High School

Remaining true to his roots, Zack directs the same high school ministry that he grew up in. If he’s not on a mountain bike or surfing with his wife Ashley, you can find him working on cars and home improvement -- the last 2 mostly by universal force. Zack’s focus is on seeing high school students develop a faith that’s their own, whether they are first learning about Jesus or refining the faith they’ve known since they were a kid. There’s no perfect people allowed at TerraNova, and that’s something that Zack views as a vital part to this community. 


Oksana Orlik | Office Administrator

Oksana is our behind the scenes guru, our fearless office administrator, and a recent graduate of Vanguard University. It’s always surprising to see her inside at all, as Oksana loves the outdoors, specifically looking at the clouds and thinking about the latest blog she read. If you catch her in a passionate conversation, it’s usually about redemption and what it actually might look like to become more like Jesus. These are just a few of the things Oksana embodies, and she loves sharing them with the high school ministry as one of our core leaders. 


Lexie Reed | Community Care

Lexie handles our community care by reaching out to those in need and spreading love to everyone through prayer and support. She grew up serving at TerraNova and now fills a vital role in seeing that everyone who walks through our doors knows without a doubt that they are deeply loved and cared for.  Lexie loves being active (a lot!) and has a huge passion for health and wellness and of course her puppy, Harry.  Her support system includes 2 siblings, mom, and her dad. She values TerraNova as a place where everyone is welcome, wanted and accepted.


Jackie Jordan | One-Step & Single Parents

Jackie focuses on single parents’ pathways to living fulfilling lives, and helps to make God’s love famous through incarnation projects in our community. Her hope is to get single parents connected to resources and people, and then encourage them to take a step towards Jesus and the accepting community built around Him. 4 daughters and 3 grandchildren fill Jackie’s heart and time, along with two-step and ball-room dancing -- it’s her sport of choice on top of kayaking and reading on sunny afternoons.


LEANNE COOK | Elementary Director

With a background in Child Development and Elementary Education studies, nearly 10 years experience with YMCA childcare, and a love for children (including her little firecracker, Lucy, and baby Jude), Leanne is a crowd favorite in elementary SuperNova Kids! “My hope is when kids leave TerraNova each week, they leave knowing and loving the Lord more.” Leanne describes herself as a theater nerd and loves performing. But what she loves most about TerraNova is that you don’t have to put on an act, and people will love you regardless. Her husband Justin and their dog Penny Lane are vital parts of her support system.


Holly Ammari | Early childhood director

Holly oversees Nursery through Kindergarten in our SuperNova Kids classrooms and hopes that the little ones who come through our doors may experience a community of support and unconditional love just as Jesus taught, so they too can share that light with the world. Using her creativity, being in nature, and sharing these experiences with others is a huge passion — even if it requires power tools and paint brushes. Holly, her husband Raja, and 3 children have been part of TerraNova for nearly a decade and can easily say that it’s a second home, and the place where not only their own children, but all children have the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus.