Our Name

TerraNova means New Land, New Earth. It's a picture of the journey of faith we're all called to, and a reminder of how our story ends. We hope you enjoy visiting our site. But if you really want to get an idea of what we're all about, there's no substitute for actually coming by to check out. Saturdays @ 5pm, and Sundays @ 9:30 and 11am.

terranova church.

The name means new land, new earth. And it's rooted in some of the greatest stories of scripture — some of the greatest stories of the human existence.

Like the story of Abraham, whom God called to leave his "old land" -- the land of his fathers, the land where he'd made a name for himself, the land he'd always known -- and journey with God to a new land -- the land of his future, the land of his destiny.

We too, personally and communally, are continuously being invited by God to join him. To leave what is comfortable and known, to move by faith into God's future. "TerraNova" speaks to our personal journey from our old life into the new — into God's wild blue dream for who we were created to become. And it speaks of our calling as a community to always be traveling with God as he takes us on an adventure of faith and risk and sacrifice and discovery, trusting that his future is better than our past.

The ancient Hebrew prophets spoke of a day when God would triumph. When the world would be recreated and restored. When everything would be made right again. They spoke of "the restoration of all things." A new heaven and a new earth. This is how our story ends. As we look at the closing chapters of the story, God restores all things. Everything that is wrong with and broken about our world is once again set right. And with this vision of God's future burned into our hearts, we believe God calls us to become agents and representatives of that new earth in this fallen world, now and here.

New land. New earth. A journey of faith. A destination of hope and restoration. A community committed to joining God in this adventure.

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