2 Become 1

Welcome to TerraNova Church (located in Lake Forest / Irvine). We're a Christian community that's passionate about loving God and making His love famous in our world. We hope you enjoy visiting our site. But if you really want to get an idea of what we're all about, there's no substitute for actually coming by to check out. Saturdays @ 5pm, and Sundays @ 9:30 and 11am.

two churches becoming one.


Beginning on Easter 2007, 2 great churches with a healthy history in South Orange County — Canyon Hills Church and Rock Hills Church — came together to begin the process of forming one new church community.

Sadly, it's not a very typical story to hear — churches coming together. But we believe it's a story that makes God smile. You see, God is One. And God loves oneness. He loves bringing people together, uniting them into one.

In June of 2008, we moved into our new space, located just off the freeway, 1 block south of the intersection of Bake & Rockfield, on the corner of Rockfield and Whatney. The environment is warm and friendly. Everyone is welcome, just the way they are. We love it, and hope you will, too.

Since then, we've been pouring all of our efforts into 3 things:

(1) We want to put Jesus on tangible display through creative acts of compassion and kindness here in south O.C. and around the world. We call it "incarnation" and you can check out more about that here.

(2) We want to gather and celebrate God's good news in creative and totally relevant and accessible ways. Gatherings that inspire, music that's full of energy and joy, messages from the Bible that connect with real life. You can find out more about our celebration gatherings here.

(3) We want to be completely transformed by God's words and God's grace so that our lives are becoming more and more like the life that Jesus actually lived. We call this "renovation" and you can see a bit more about that and our small groups here.

Learn more about our name and identity here.

Check out the article that was about us in the O.C. Register (January 08) here.