EPIC: The Story of the Whole Bible in 10 Chapters

Sometimes life feels like a movie that we've walked into late. Things are happening all around us—some of them good and beautiful; some of them strange, painful, even terrifying. Why? And who are all these people? Is there a plot? A point?

That's because we were born into the middle of Story. A Story that began in eternity past. A Story of good and evil, love and hate, romance and adventure. A Story with a villain and hero and an epic mission to find and redeem something of ultimate value that's been lost.

And that's the Story of the Bible.

But the Bible may not have always felt that way to you. In fact, the Bible may have felt a lot like a movie you walked into late! Who are these people? What's going on?

That's why we've put together a brief resource to help you understand the Story of the Bible. The Story we find ourselves in. Click here to download a free copy of our EPIC resource.

It’s the story of an artist whose greatest creation, his life’s work, has been stolen and vandalized — destroyed nearly beyond recognition. But instead of scrapping it and beginning all over, he pursues his lost masterpiece until he finds it in some back alley heap. And then he begins the caring, patient and tedious work of restoring it to its original beauty.

It’s the story of a father who loves his son more than his own life. But the son rejects the father’s love, robs him blind, takes off with the intent of never being seen again. But the father’s love can never let his son go. So he uses all his resources to pursue his lost son until he finds him in a hovel — drunk, addicted, broke, and disease-ridden. And when he sees him, the father runs to his son, weeping, throws his arms around him, nurses him back to health and strength, and invites him back into his home.

It’s the story of love and loss, failure and redemption. It’s your story and mine. The story we find ourselves in.

Discover the flow of this story, the epic story of the Bible, in 10 very brief, easy to read chapters. Download your free copy of our EPIC resource here.