Fall Retreat: Frequently Asked Questions

  • “How do I sign-up my student?”

    • Sign-up by clicking here (beginning October 1)! You can also bring in cash or a check ($80) on a Sunday morning and turn it in to Zack or Lexie.

  • “How will transportation work?”

    • We will meet at the Hub (7 Whatney) and carpool up to the cabins in Big Bear! If you have a high occupancy vehicle that you’d be willing to let a responsible adult drive up the mountain please email Zack.

  • “When do they need to be dropped off on Friday and picked up on Sunday”

    • Friday: 3:45pm; Sunday: about 3pm

  • “My student can only be there for part of the weekend - is that okay?”

    • While we believe students will get the most out of this experience by being there the whole time, parents needing to pick-up their kid early/drop them off later will be able to do so. However, please contact Zack ahead of time to let him know your plans.

  • “What type of adult supervision will there be?”

    • In addition to a number of TerraNova staff and pastors who will be leading discussions and programming, a handful of our HSM Adult Leaders will be staying with our students.

  • “What’s the sleeping situation going to be like?”

    • Males and females will sleep in separate cabins, supervised by our HSM Adult Leaders.

  • “What do they need to pack?”

    • Bible, Journal, Pen, Toiletries, Sleeping bag, Towels, Warm clothes

  • “Will there still be an 11am HSM service on Sunday?”

    • Nope! Sorry, but this will be one of the weekends when there is no HSM service. One more reason to join us!

  • “Is financial assistance available?”

    • If money is the only thing holding your student back from attending, please reach out to Zack and we’ll come up with a creative solution.

Have additional questions? Feel free to email Zack!