The word means to "embody" something. To put skin on it. To make it real and tangible.  

We believe that Jesus is nothing less that God, "incarnate" -- God, putting on skin and bone and moving into our world in order to make himself knowable to us. And we believe that the church is at its best when people put skin and bone on the life and message of Jesus, and move into our world in order to make Him knowable.

So we are always looking for creative and compelling ways to love people well. Whether it's our on-going projects -- like supporting a women & children's shelter in Casa de Esperanza or serving single parents here in South Orange County (One Step), or our one-off projects -- like filling up baskets of supplies for teachers in local schools or giving a home a face lift, we are seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world, particularly where He is needed most.

Click around and see what we've done and what we're working on now. Go to the photos section to see pictures of how these projects have gone down. And most importantly, jump in and get involved with loving people well. Check out our upcoming TerraNova Incarnation Events for the latest ways for you to get involved!