Move-Up Weekend: Frequently Asked Questions

"When is Move-Up Weekend taking place?"

June 8th/9th, 2019

"Why is Move-Up Weekend so important?"

As transitions are taking place, Move-Up Weekend is specially designed to help your kids create connections and build friendships with their peers and leaders. This often sets the tone for how much they enjoy their experience in their rooms, which impacts how excited they'll be to come to their group every week, which affects how they feel about being part of a church community as they enter some of the most important and challenging years of life...WOW! Kind of a big deal, huh?

"Who is moving up?"

  • Kids who are entering kindergarten this fall will move into our Kindergarten Room.

  • Kids who are entering 1st grade this fall will move into our 1st & 2nd Grade Room.

  • Kids who are entering 3rd grade this fall will move into our 3rd & 4th Grade Room.

  • Kids who are entering 5th grade this fall will move into our 5th & 6th Grade Room, "Shockwave" (located next to the stairs & coffee bar).
    Note: 5th & 6th graders still need to be checked-in at the SNK Lobby, but will be released on their own after services.

  • Kids who are entering 7th grade this fall move into our Junior High Room (930&11am) and no longer check-in at the SNK Lobby.

  • Kids who are entering 9th grade this fall move into our High School Room (11am).

"What about everyone else?"

  • Our early childhood move-up (i.e. nursery, toddlers, and preschool) happens as children reach specific age benchmarks. We'll let you know as that time comes for your child, but feel free to reach out to Jennifer or Holly if you think your child might be ready!

  • Current 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th-11th graders will remain in their same rooms.

"My kids don't want to move-up. Do they have to?"

While we understand that change can be tricky for kids (and adults), especially as they form incredible bonds with their leaders, all of our classroom environments are designed with age appropriate learning & relationships in mind. If your child is having an especially difficult time with the transition after the first few weeks, please let us know and we will be more than happy to go out of our way to help make things great for them in their new room!

Questions? Feel free to send an email!