Additional serving opportunities, ranging from a few times a year to once a month.


"Cookie express"

Bake and delivers cookies on an as-needed basis to help welcome visitors to our TerraNova Community.  
    Frequency: One to two times a month..

Program folder

Fold and stuff our weekly program (in the comfort of your own home!). Programs can be picked up Friday evening and must be returned Saturday before 4pm.                                                                                        

Grounds Team

Use your green thumb to help maintain and beautify our outside planters here at 7 Whatney.
    Frequency: As needed.

Facility Repair

Assists with repairs and/or maintenance of our building and campus, in order to facilitate a dynamic gathering place for our community.
    Frequency: As needed.

Meals team

Cooking with the love of God to provide meals that warm the heart and give needed support to families in crises or emergency or just life!

women's events team

Help create and execute an inviting atmosphere for one or all of our TerraNova Women's events in the upcoming season. 

college care mail

epending on your commitment, send as little as a postcard a month or as much as a care package a few times during the school year to let our college students know that their church back home cares for them!


"Placing your order" to serve is simple!
1) Click the buttons for ways you would like to serve (you can select more than one).
2) Give us your name and email address (and phone number if that's the best way to get a hold of you).
3) Click "Place Your Order" to submit!
Someone will get back to you this week. THANK YOU!

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  Thank you for "being the Church" at TerraNova!

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