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Here are some of the books, articles, and podcasts that have influenced our thinking as a staff. If you haven't read a particular book and would like to, let one of us know and we'll get it for you! As for the podcasts, just click the links and go for it.

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7 Practices of Effective Ministry

This book, and especially the first 3 chapters — Clarify the Win, Think Steps Not Programs, and Narrow the Focus — really influenced our thinking on processes, clarity, and simplification. Here's the book on Amazon.

There's also a series of podcasts. Get them here:
1: Clarify the Win
2: Think Steps Not Programs
3: Narrow the Focus
4: Teach Less for More
5: Listen to Outsiders
6: Replace Yourself
7: Work on It

The Advantage

This is the book that really spurred our thinking about our staff culture and staff values. Quite possibly the most influential book to date for our team. If you haven't read it, you need to. Ask one of us and we'll order it for you. Here's the book on Amazon.

Activate Fusion Connect

Activate, Fusion, Connect

These 3 books -- Activate, Fusion, and Connect by Nelson Searcy have influenced our assimilation, small groups, and volunteer systems. We've got a few podcasts to listen to as well. Here's part 1 and part 2 of author Nelson Searcy discussing the assimilation system.


Here are some key podcasts that we've enjoyed as a team.